The Helpfulness of Filipinos

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When other people think about the Filipino culture the first thing that pops into their mind is the kindness Filipinos show and how helpful they are to others. The Filipino culture is all about showing respect to others and being helpful to them as well. When you walk into the home of a Filipino they will show you that kindness right away by feeding you with good food, sharing interesting stories with, giving you comfort when you need it, and they might even treat you like you are a sibling to them. Filipinos are known for helping others ahead of themselves because they want to make other people happy and successful. They feel like it is better to give out to someone else than to receive especially when it comes younger kids. Most Filipino parents want to see their kids successful and to have a better life than they ever had. Even if the family is poor they will make the sacrifices for a loved one whether if its to get an education or starving for food to eat they will do their best to help out a loved no matter how tough it is for them. Filipinos will but others ahead of themselves and help out that person no matter what the obstacle is.

Modern Arnis


Modern Arnis is the Philippines national sport and martial and is known around the world because it has been featured in Hollywood movies and is even being taught in other countries outside the Philippines. Bruce and many other Hollywood stars have even tried out this martial art. Arnis is a stick dueling martial art features many defensive and offensive styles into it. This martial art is the stick fighting between two individuals but can also feature hand-to-hand combat as well. Most people want to learn Arnis for self defense and it has many defensive styles you can use against someone that may harm you. The different styles will even teach you how to use ordinary items like regular sticks or maybe even your slippers in battle with someone. Many people in the military are learning the different styles of arnis. People from countries around the globe are learning the many new styles of arnis and are even participating in tournaments for this sport. Arnis is continuing to spread across the globe as one the most popular martial arts out there is becoming a great ambassador for the Filipino culture.

Timba and Tabo

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The Timba and Tabo also known as the bucket and dipper are traditional tools to use in the bathroom or anything related to handling water. Most Filipinos prefer to use the Tabo and Timba when they bathe because it helps them conserve water or they might not have a shower, it has been a tradition for Filipino families to use and it has also became a part of their culture as it began to move from generation to generation. These tools are also used to help bring down the water in toilet when it is clogged up. Some people even the use the Tabo and Timba to wash their cars and to even wash up their clothes also. You can even use these tools to collect rain water and water your plants with it as well. The Timba and Tabo might be best known as tools for bathing but it can also be used in many different types of ways. The Timba and Tabo has been a part of every Filipino’s household for many years and is starting to be used by people of different cultures. Many people that aren’t Filipino are actually starting to add these tools to their bathrooms.

Filipino Superstitions

The Filipino culture is known to have many types of superstitions whether it comes to having good fortune or things that might cause bad luck. Most Filipinos believe on New Years Eve they should not eat chicken because it will not receive good fortune. Filipinos believe you should have many round fruits to eat on New Years for good luck. You should also eat something sweet and sticky so that the family will be sweet to each other and be intact with the family.They also believe jumping on New Years exactly on midnight will make you become taller. It is also believed that wearing polka dot clothing or anything with polka dots on it means you will receive more money and become wealthy. When see a lot of black ants that come to you it means good luck is approaching you. When a black cat approaches you it  is believed you will receive bad luck. Before getting married most Filipinos would advise the bride not to try out or wear the wedding dress because they believe it will cause the wedding not to happen. Almost all Filipinos believe that before you move into a new home you shod bring and put salt, rice, and water into the house to because it brings positive energy and success to your new home and life. If you are those people looking to have success and good fortune you might want to try these superstitions out.



Sipa also known to kick is the Philippines traditional native sport which predates Spanish rule. Sipa is similar to some other games like Footbag net, Footvolley, Bossaball and Jianzi. This game can be played both indoor and outdoor, on a court that is about the size of a tennis court. There should at least be one, two or four players in each side and the goal is to kick a ball made out of rattan fragments, back and forth over a net in the middle of the court. Some people sometimes play this game in their garage or in the middle of the neighborhood when they have no where else to play. This is game where speed, agility, and ball control is used. This a very popular that originated in the Philippines but can be an activity for people to try out world wide.

Filipino Martial Arts

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Filipino Martial Arts incorporates both Western and Eastern Martial Arts. The most popular forms of Filipino martial arts happen to be known as Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali. People in the Philippines developed battle skills as a direct result of an appreciation of their ever changing circumstances. Filipino Martial Arts are considered the most advanced practical modern blade system in the world and are now a core component of the U.S Army’s Modern Army Combative program and used by the Russian Spetsnaz. Filipino Martial Arts are known best for using weapons but can use empty hands interchangeably. Empty hands training is taught as the person’s weapon is actually the extension of the hand. Filipino Martial Arts is different from all the other cultures martial arts like Japanese Kendo, Kenjutsu, European Fencing and traditional Chinese Martial Arts is that Filipino Martial Arts shows how to use weapons in actual situations when you are in danger. It also allows you to use ordinary house items and turn them into weapons also. Most Filipino parents like to use ordinary items when they are giving punishment to someone. Ever been hit with a belt, hanger, or maybe your parents slipper. All of those are an example of people having knowledge to use ordinary items and turning them into your own weapon. Filipino Martial Arts is continuing to expand world wide and is even being shown in famous Hollywood movies.