What is Filipino Culture About

There are many Filipino-Americans that currently live in the United States. Most of those Filipino- Americans seem to know more about the American culture than their homeland Filipino culture. Most Filipino-Americans don’t even know anything about the language the language their ancestors grew up speaking. Most Filipino- Americans just know the Philippines as a country with many types of good food. Yeah, its true that the Philippines does make some of the best food out there but our Filipino culture isn’t all about, we have other great things and activities you might have never heard about. The Filipino Culture isn’t just about lumpia and the other tasty food Filipinos make, the Filipino culture features many types of dances, artifacts, martial arts, games, sports, and many other interesting things.The Filipino culture also many types of superstitions and fiestas. The Filipino culture is a very religious culture and about 92% of Filipino Americans happen to be Christians making them the third largest Christian nation.


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