Filipino Superstitions

The Filipino culture is known to have many types of superstitions whether it comes to having good fortune or things that might cause bad luck. Most Filipinos believe on New Years Eve they should not eat chicken because it will not receive good fortune. Filipinos believe you should have many round fruits to eat on New Years for good luck. You should also eat something sweet and sticky so that the family will be sweet to each other and be intact with the family.They also believe jumping on New Years exactly on midnight will make you become taller. It is also believed that wearing polka dot clothing or anything with polka dots on it means you will receive more money and become wealthy. When see a lot of black ants that come to you it means good luck is approaching you. When a black cat approaches you it  is believed you will receive bad luck. Before getting married most Filipinos would advise the bride not to try out or wear the wedding dress because they believe it will cause the wedding not to happen. Almost all Filipinos believe that before you move into a new home you shod bring and put salt, rice, and water into the house to because it brings positive energy and success to your new home and life. If you are those people looking to have success and good fortune you might want to try these superstitions out.


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