Timba and Tabo

tabo at timba SNNIPE~1

The Timba and Tabo also known as the bucket and dipper are traditional tools to use in the bathroom or anything related to handling water. Most Filipinos prefer to use the Tabo and Timba when they bathe because it helps them conserve water or they might not have a shower, it has been a tradition for Filipino families to use and it has also became a part of their culture as it began to move from generation to generation. These tools are also used to help bring down the water in toilet when it is clogged up. Some people even the use the Tabo and Timba to wash their cars and to even wash up their clothes also. You can even use these tools to collect rain water and water your plants with it as well. The Timba and Tabo might be best known as tools for bathing but it can also be used in many different types of ways. The Timba and Tabo has been a part of every Filipino’s household for many years and is starting to be used by people of different cultures. Many people that aren’t Filipino are actually starting to add these tools to their bathrooms.


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